Drama Mama

Aka Shelby. She goes back to school with a bang of Fifth’s Disease and then we had a dentist appointment yesterday.

Shelby despises the dentist (don’t we all) but she allows them to clear her teeth. She just makes sure everyone in a five mile radius knows how unhappy she is about it. We don’t have to do sedation for a basic cleaning and we are happy to report she’s never had any abnormalities or fillings that would warrant sedation. So we are very blessed in that regard. And despite the occasional bruxism…Shelby has not done any major damage.

Not to mention we could not ask for a better dental practice. We did select a pediatric dentist for our kids for the same reason they go to a pediatrician, we prefer someone who is most familiar with children and their needs differing from those of adults. And the dentist we selected is well known for being excellent with special needs children. Both dentists there are amazing with my kids. And the hygienists are caring and compassionate. Nothing fazes them. Not Shelby’s screaming. Nothing.

So no matter how much drama we have with her in the visit or with daily brushings, we don’t dread the dentist because of the environment created there.

We are blessed to have similar experiences with our pediatrician office. Shelby is treated like any other child and no one asks us to “control her” or “discipline her.” The doctors and nurses are just as wonderful with the boys as well. They talk to them and treat them like people with opinions, which they are. It is amazing how much that little bit means.

Life with autism often means that common place things become a chance for unmatched drama,  but with the right support systems, it is amazing how wonderful the results can be. Not to mention how much easier it makes life. We are truly blessed as our choices were informed but still a bit of throwing caution to the wind. We thank God and know, this is a better situation than most could hope for.