Seven Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —

I feel like singing.  A little Slim Shady…

Guess who’s back…back again…


— 2 —

Please continue your prayers for Jen and Baby Boy Fulwiler and her family. Her case has special significance to me because I also have a genetic blood clotting disorder that complicates life and pregnancy, especially. Again, we need to storm heaven with prayers, particularly to St Michael. 

— 3 —

Thursday when Jeff got home from work (at a school) from his first day back he said, “Thank God tomorrow is Friday.” Which means it was an exhausting first day back for teachers and kids alike.

— 4 —

My parents gifted us with a digital camera to replace the one I’ve had since Joey was about 9 months old that finally crapped out last summer when Shelby stuck her finger in the lens. Which means I can start posting pics again. SOON! Not having a camera for the last six months or so was rough. We had the one on the iPad but it had no zoom. Among other issues. So you know we are mega excited. Hope to be back to {pretty, funny, happy, real} next week.

— 5 —

Congrats to Melanie and Dom on baby girl Lucia Rose!

— 6 —

I have a completely unscientific conclusion: I have the loudest children in the universe.

— 7 —

Have a great weekend everyone. 12th Day of Christmas coming up Sunday!

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