Storm Heaven This Morning

First for a personal request which I can’t give details on here.

Second, for Jennifer Fulwiler of Conversion Diary. She was hospitalized yesterday for pulmonary embolisms in both lungs. She had blood clots in her second and fifth pregnancies as well. Jennifer has the Factor II blood clotting disorder. Like, Jennifer, I have a genetic blood clotting disorder (mine is the more common Factor V and I am heterozygous, Jennifer’s condition is much more rare and she happens to be homozygous making all of her children carriers as well) that makes pregnancy and being open to life very dangerous and, like  Jennifer, I have chosen to follow God’s will in regards to family size (right now God has stopped us at 3). Please pray for her, Joe, her beautiful children Donnell, Lane, Lucy, Catherine, Pamela and of course her unborn baby boy. Jennifer has been a huge inspiration for me in my faith with her conversion and is a powerful warrior for Christ.

God our father, please hold Jennifer and her family in the palm of Your hand.