Because Nothing Around Here Can Happen Without Drama

I sent Shelby to school this morning with a small spot of redness on her cheek that I thought was facial eczema. Dab of vaseline and off. Then I got a call. Rash was all over her face and spreading down her arms and trunks. Off to school Will and I raced then to the pediatrician.

Diagnosis: Fifth’s Disease.

Shelby is fine. Not itchy. No fever. Activity, appetite all normal. We got the all clear to send her back tomorrow. (Once the rash appears you are no longer contagious.) But sheesh!

I called the dentist where she has an appointment next week and they said it is still fine to bring her in as scheduled.

For anyone who may have prayed for my intention this morning, thank you. And for anyone else who would like to pray, I have an intention I cannot share publicly but if you could offer a prayer God will know who it’s for and I appreciate it! Things are “in progress” and we can only hope for a happy outcome.