New Years Posts I’m Reading and Sharing

Here are some posts from around the blogopshere I am reading regarding New Years that bear the need to be shared:

1. From Kate Wicker, a beautiful post about the new year, weight and loving ourselves.

2. From Jennifer Fulwiler’s blog at NCR about resolutions, being overwhelmed, and wading through it.

3. From Melanie Bettinelli at The Wine Dark Sea about these last few days of pregnancy, first new days of the year, and changing plans.

4. From Katherine at Having Left The Altar about her New Year’s resolutions and her last few days of pregnancy too.  

5. From Roxane Salonen aka Peace Garden Mama about her word for 2013 (hint, it was my word from 2012).

6. From Elizabeth Foss about a decision she agonized over but was right all along (and which I personally love).

7. From Jen Ambrose: it’s still Christmas!

8. Finally, from Jennifer Fulwiler’s Conversion Diary, get your 2013 patron and share it with her!