It’s been 2013 for over 20 hours and…

My word is “kindness.”

My patron is St Vitus.

My blogging groove is back.

Back in December I decided to make a minor life change. I deactivated both facebook and twitter. I saw a dramatic and positive increase in my prayer life since. And I hope this will extend to my blogging life. I am really enjoying life more now via living it vs watching it. The last couple of days I was visiting with my parents and grandparents (and assorted brothers and niece and nephew and of course I brought Jeff and the kids) and my mom and I had a conversation about the nature of social media and my changes. My mom loosely quoted Madonna and said she felt like she was living in a virtual world while being a material girl. Not to mean materialistic, but someone who is very much the real, the now.

I realize the value of social media insomuch as it helps us keep in touch with family and friends far away and new evangelization and the like, however, personally, for me, the pitfalls overwhelm the positive and therefore I am repurposing myself for fewer virtual interactions and more real ones.

I still don’t “do” New Year’s Resolutions, however, Jeff asked me to find one thing he thought I could change that was realistic. My initial suggestions he told me straight-up were BS (no need to recount them here) but eventually he decided that from those “BS” suggestions we could come to one reasonable improvement. Date night. Two a month. I said one, he insisted two was not only doable but a better way to ensure the focus. The last six years have been FULL of life, full of children. Between births, autism diagnoses and the like, we have kind of forgotten about the whole marriage thing. Not really, but the last movie I saw in the theater was Little Miss Sunshine shortly after Shelby was born and the last one Jeff saw was Kung Fu Panda with Joey last summer at the $1.50 summer re-runs. It is well past time for us to re-connect just as husband and wife and not just as parents. In March we will be married 10 years, no time like the present to figure this whole thing out.

So, here’s to a newer and better 2013. My birthday last year began the year of faith…I can’t imagine how much better this will get.


2 thoughts on “It’s been 2013 for over 20 hours and…

  1. I completely understand dropping FB, but I’m so glad to see you blogging again!

    I like your “resolution” too! We are aiming for once a month, but I completely get where you are coming from on that one!

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