I am taking a hiatus from this blog indefinitely. It has become more than apparent to me with the hiatus of Kate Wicker and Kayla at The Alluring World having recently mulled these items got me more than thinking. Who am I writing for? Why am I writing? Is what I am writing about worth reading? The answer to the first two is “I don’t know” and the third is “typically, no.”

Moreover, I have found that the Catholic blogosphere has gotten nastier and more difficult to participate in than when I started with it over seven years ago. There are sites I used to love that I have not visited in a year or more. The internet is great,until it isn’t.

I have not stopped blogging altogether. I am still active over at Blessed by Autism. I am doing some other free-lance blogging here and there on a variety of topics. But what I was doing and seeking to do with this blog, I feel is no longer relevant and my heart is just not in it. Maybe it will return one day, but for now, the best thing I can do for my ten followers (or less) is to be honest.

This blog will always have a special place in my heart and I have enjoyed my time here. I hope all of you have as well.