Small Successes


Joining Sherry at Chocolate for Your Brain to share small and mighty successes!

1. We got Shelby to skate on Sunday! And while it started out rough, she loved it!

2. I survived Shelby’s IEP with all three kids in tow minus the husband. And we got everything added in that we wanted plus the school threw in more! Yeah!

3. I got Shelby to an “interview” for summer camp. A local autism group offers half day summer camp for kids with autism and they interview candidates to best fit their needs! Yeah!

4. I’ve got my boys on a fairly consistent cleaning schedule in regards to picking up their toys.

5. I wrote a blog post on Shelby’s experience at A.skate and sent it to the organization.


3 thoughts on “Small Successes

  1. Sounds like things are going great for Shelby! Thank you for being such a wonderful mom to her. I can really sense your love & dedication to her through your posts. That my friend is an incredible success!

  2. What JOY Shelby must be having in getting to do these very special activities! I loved the video of her skating!
    And…boys cleaning up after themselves belongs in a meme called MIRACULOUS Successes!
    ::applauds Kristen’s sons::

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