Seven Quick Memes

— 1 —

I never, ever expected that being a Catholic parent in the 21st century would mean I would be explaining the Resurrection like this.

— 2 —

Thanks to the Crescat for this one which never fails to make me smile.

— 3 —

This sign says it all.

— 4 —

This was me on Wednesday:

— 5 —

Nothing more to say about that

— 6 —

And this is my pet peeve of all pet peeves online (in Google Chrome) and in the world of word processors

— 7 —

And last but not least…ever done something that sounded like such a good idea at the time and then in execution, well, um…

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6 thoughts on “Seven Quick Memes

  1. #1 made me laugh because I can see that day coming when I have to have a very similar conversation with my little girl.

  2. I did not expect to laugh so hard when I clicked on the link to this. I can relate to #6 and we all know someone who can use #4. LOL!

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