A Thankful Woman’s Book of Blessings

Joining Judy for attitudes of gratitude.

1. For such a wonderful autism community in my area.

2. For moms who were very reassuring about Shelby’s “shark teeth.”

3. For some awesome friends whose lives have not been personally touched by autism except by Shelby who are vocal advocates.

4. For all the great volunteers working this weekend at our Autism 5k, World Autism Day events and Askate.

5. For little boys who tell me, Mama, if I couldn’t see you and Shelby every day, I would miss you so much.


7 thoughts on “A Thankful Woman’s Book of Blessings

  1. It is so wonderful that you have so many people supporting Shelby & your family! And #5 is just so precious…love those types of comments from the kids!

  2. LOVE #5!!! Awesome!
    Also, it is awesome to have such good friends who have become strong advocates, supporting you and your family. You are blessed.

  3. #5 is simply WONDERFUL! How blessed you are!
    Prayers, as always, for Shelby and all who live with or care for those with autism.
    Not sure what the “shark teeth” issue is; unless you mean very pointed canine teeth; in which case…just wanted to share that our son Jacob broke his very front tooth clean in half some years back…it was jaggy and sharp and just awful…and the dentist was able to file and patch it so that it looks JUST LIKE his other, healthy tooth now!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful family and many blessings with us each week Kristen! I look forward to my visits here:)

    • Shark teeth means she has a row of baby teeth with a row of permanent teeth behind them coming in. So she has two rows of teeth like a shark. My son loves sharks so he thinks this super cool. The permanent teeth have not fully erupted and our issue right now is that they aren’t that loose and Shelby won’t let us wiggle them!

  4. I’m so glad that your community is so supportive of families with children who have autism. I used to volunteer at Respite Care of San Antonio and felt blessed to help such families by watching their children when they needed a break.

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