Milestone Monday

When Shelby was an infant, one of the few milestones she met ahead of time was teething. Remarkably, it was the easiest teething experience I could ever imagine. Her teeth erupted literally overnight. There was no fever. No diarrhea. No irritability. No excessive drooling. Only once did I see a bud of a tooth coming up. That was when I put her to bed one night. The next morning, a big ol’ tooth was in it’s place.

Last night, when brushing Shelby’s teeth, everything looked normal. Shelby will be six in July, so I’ve known permanent teeth were going to be coming somewhat soon. This morning  I brushed her teeth. And there are two permanent teeth half-way erupted on the bottom behind her baby teeth. She has what we refer to as “shark teeth.” I’m sure in the next day or two they will be fully erupted. So what to do about those baby teeth. Well, there is always the chance they will get pushed out by the permanent teeth. And one of Shelby’s favorite foods are apples, so they could help work the suckers out, but she’s not going pull them out herself and probably will not wiggle them. With her sensory processing disorder, I doubt she will enjoy the prospect. But, if they aren’t out by Wednesday, I’ll be calling the dentist.

I have had a few moms who reassured me on facebook that their kids did the same thing and lots of kids have shark teeth and that the pediatric dentists are really good about getting the kids in and yanking the baby teeth. I know Shelby won’t allow me to pull them out. And I don’t like the idea of doing it either. I’m a squeamish mom. I don’t like bodily fluids and to be honest, the shark teeth thing is kind of making my stomach churn. I change diapers and clean throw-up and dress wounds, but I have to force my gag reflex to stay in check a lot of the time. It sounds silly, I know. My dad is the same way. I don’t even like pulling dead skin off myself. So, I guess if no progress on getting those teeth out by Wednesday, we’ll be going to dentist and most likely Shelby will be sedated for the “procedure.”

I was so unprepared for this. Joey and Will are ecstatic their sister is “like a shark.” Will is the least squeamish person I have ever known. He probably will volunteer to pull the baby teeth out if they are actually loose.


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  1. My pediatric dentist charged me $900 to pull nine baby teeth for my autistic son. I found another dentist shortly thereafter.

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