Small Successes


Joining Sherry at Chocolate for Your Brain to share successes, big and small. 

1. I survived Easter weekend sans caffeine. My parents don’t drink soda and I don’t drink coffee. I do drink tea, but I realized way too late how much of it my mom had.

2. I cleaned my daughter’s room when we got home. For complicated reasons (we have dogs) we drove to my parents’ house Good Friday as a family. Jeff and Shelby went home and came back Saturday afternoon. In the time we were home, Shelby emptied an entire basket of laundry in her room plus three of my drawers and one of her brother’s. I have no idea where Jeff was during all of this. But, I took care of it promptly when I got back.

3. I aced my interview on Good Friday morning and got a job! I have orientation this weekend 🙂

4. I figured out how to change printer cartridges in the infernal printer we bought last winter. It was not a g-rated process but it got done.

5. I reacted with the normal amount of distress when my husband cut my daughter’s hair without my knowledge. Read it again, I did not overreact.


2 thoughts on “Small Successes

  1. WOW! You’ve just earned a “Super Successes” award! I understand all too well not having the caffeine, as I had to go w/out all day Sunday for a stress test on Monday!

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