Lovin’ My Husband

Joining Judy to celebrate the men we love.

1) He did the Costco shopping by himself. We were going to bring all three kids. In the rain. He just sucked it up and went alone.

2) He always appreciates the grunt work I do for him for his classes he teaches.

3) He schedules days off when Shelby has appointments out of town. Or I have jury duty.


One thought on “Lovin’ My Husband

  1. Ooohh! I don’t know if I’d trust Casinodad to go to Costco alone (or Sam’s Club around here…we don’t have a Costco nearby)! He’d probably bring home lots of junk food, but nothing on my list for him…LOL!

    Hope your jury duty goes well. I really enjoyed my experience last week & am hoping to work up a blog post about it soon…it was a murder trial.

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