The Weekend

This weekend saw many things. The start of the month of April. April Fools Day. Palm Sunday. The start of Holy Week. Here is how our family spent it.

Saturday we had bands of rain coming in all day (we’ve had a lot of rain of late, but are nowhere near solving our deficit). We still wanted to get our kids out of the house for a bit. Originally we hope that meant shopping at Costco, but it was too rainy and rainy weather=chaos at Costco. Finally we decided to let the kids get McDonald’s and eat in the car underneath the WB drawbridge. Since the rain only got heavier during that exercise, we went and got Dairy Queen on the way home. I know, makes perfect sense.

Later in the day, Jeff went to Costco to do our once a month shopping there. After years of scoffing at the idea of warehouse stores, Jeff is finally finding that for some of our frequent purchases, this is the best way to shop. And as a treat,  because they were such a good price, we had steak for dinner.

This weekend also marked an important annual event locally. Britt’s Donuts is open for the season. It is a big enough deal that Friday evenings when they open annually for the season, the local media reports live from their location as people line up down the boardwalk and wrap around the corner. There are few things as perfect in this world as a donut from Britt’s while sitting on the beach. So, Sunday, we loaded the kids up and drove to Southport and took the ferry to Carolina Beach in search of the yummy treats.

For the child with sensory processing disorder, the wind on the ferry was not so much biting as exhilarating.

As you can see hoods were pulled up, but legs were bare!

This is one of my favorite shots of the day! (that is Jeff’s hand weaving under Joey’s arm and holding Will’s)

After a yummy morning donut on the beach, we headed over to the closest big box store because Shelby needed an Easter dress, Will needed an Easter basket and Joey needed positive reinforcement for all the good work he’s done trying to avoid conflicts with his siblings and helping around the house. After a quick visit there, we headed home. The rest of the day we cleaned and just hung out.

This week promises to be just as jam packed. Shelby has a field trip tomorrow to the Children’s Museum that I have to pack lunch for and school pictures on Wednesday. Friday Jeff is off but Shelby has a half day. After she gets out of school, we head to my parents for Easter. Hope everyone’s Holy Week is off to a good start!