Lovin’ My Husband

Joining Judy this morning for a celebration of love and our husbands

1) He goes for bike rides with our sons even when he has just gotten home from work and has lots to do around the house.

2) He plans fun outings for our family. This Sunday we took advantage of nice weather and went to the beach and enjoyed lunch on the pier.

3) He tracked down the new Eastern European bakery/deli in our area and ordered Polish Easter Bread because it was important to me!


2 thoughts on “Lovin’ My Husband

  1. WOW! That’s an AWESOME guy you’ve got there!
    TWO THUMBS UP! Yay!!! For Kristen’s hubby!

  2. Wow! That’s one AWESOME guy you’ve got there!
    YAYYYYY for Kristen’s hubby!

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