Small Successes


1. We got internet back. Not a true “success” but I finally cleaned out my inbox after two weeks!

2. Over one week of working out. Only one pound lost but 2 1/2 inches lost on measurements.

3. Keeping to drinking my water daily!

4. Made stuffed fish for the first time.

5. Hooked up the internet on my own. đŸ™‚

Join Sherry for more successes!


2 thoughts on “Small Successes

  1. WOW! Great job on the weight & inches lost! I need to be watching my diet & exercising more, although Sherry’s link to the Picaken might be a downfall…LOL!

    How did the stuffed fish turn out? I love fish (as long as it doesn’t have too fishy of a smell or taste), but I can never seem to prepare it as well as restaurants do.

    • The fish was yummy. I married a chef so our food typically turns out fancier than most (even hot dogs) but not restaurant fancy. It was flounder. The stuffing was simple and really good too. Just bread crumbs, romano cheese, green onions and oil.

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