Ten on Tuesday

These questions were provided by the lovely Molly at Considering Campbell!

1. What are your designated chores in your home?
Uh…well…I try to keep the carpets vacuumed. And about every two weeks I clean my bedroom. Jeff does everything else. Well, except laundry. I do all the laundry or it would all have bleach on it :). Anyway, most of our “chores” are shared. And Jeff does most of them better than me.

2. What is your least favorite chore to do around the house?
Washing dishes. Hands down.

3. What was your designated chore growing up?
Clear the table and load the dish washer

4. Did you get paid to do chores or was your allowance connected to you completing your chores?
Chores weren’t an option either, although I know if we slid a little we weren’t punished. We didn’t really get an allowance, not as a consistent thing, at least.

5. If you had a bit of extra money, would you hire a cleaning person or would you save the money for something else?
No, it would pay off debt (like Chelsea said) but if someone gifted me a cleaning person, I would snap that up in a second.

6. What chores will you make your kids do around the house?
Shelby doesn’t have chores, but we do “hand over hand” do things with her. My boys dust (not well, but they are little, they have plenty of time to learn) and they are responsible for picking up their toys anywhere in the house and keeping their bedroom picked up. We have “lost” toys forever because Mama and Daddy got to them first!

7. How frequently do you do laundry? Wash your sheets? Dust?
Laundry never ends. Sheets once per week. Dusting never ends either. My mom got me an awesome new Eureka vaccuum cleaner that has a dusting attachment, so that helps tremendously, especially with our ceiling fans. The duster itself is nothing really to behold, but the fact that it extends that high is awesome.

8. Do you have a designated “chore day” during the week?
No. Although a lot of “bigger projects” tend to get done on the weekend when we can back each other up.

9. What is your favorite chore–if such a thing exists?
Cooking, baking, menu planning, grocery shopping…if it involves making, eating or shopping for food, I’m good.

10. Do you do anything to help pass the time while doing chores (music, TV, etc.)?

Mostly it distracts me BUT, Modern Bollywood on Pandora is a fave

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