Lovin’ My Husband

Joining Judy as I try to on Tuesdays for Lovin’ My Husband

1. Lovin’ my husband for encouraging me to try a new food then being supportive when I didn’t like it. We won’t mention what it was, except it was healthy and I REALLY wanted to  like it after so many people raved.

2. Lovin’ my husband for supplying me with chocolate. Sometimes life is easier with chocolate.

3. Lovin’ my husband for watching a ton of kids movies over the weekend when it rained. Some guys would have retreated with sports, he stuck it out.


4 thoughts on “Lovin’ My Husband

  1. I just love when Casinodad gets me w/ chocolate! Sometimes, he’ll call on his way home from work & find that I’ve had a rough day. He’ll either offer to stop for some chocolate or just surprise me w/ it! Love those chocolate-bearing hubbies!

    Love #3 also! While my hubby does love sports, he’ll always chose family time over whatever big game is on.

  2. Ha – was it kale? Seems like everyone’s been blogging about kale recently…

    But this is sweet. 🙂

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