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Tuesdays are typically pretty boring in our house. After all, we’re over the manic nature of Monday and we’re settling into the week. Well, that’s not the case at all today. I was up before 5:30 this morning preparing for the day. I usually roll out of bed around ten minutes to six, in case you were wondering. Weeks ago Jeff had put in to be off today to help me and boy am I every glad he did.

Today was the first day for applications for our county’s pre-K program. They started accepting applications at 7:30 am down at one of our county buildings, so after we put Shelby on the bus, the  boys, Jeff and I got in the car and headed over. Luckily there is a playground and it wasn’t too chilly this morning so Jeff took the boys out to play while I filled out paperwork and waited in line to attempt to apply for Joey. We won’t know until mid-June if he is accepted or not. I was glad we got there early because while there were a few people there ahead of us, there were tons of people there when we left.

We came home afterward, initially our plan was to go to story time at the library at 10, (I took a cat nap at home) but when we got in the car to go, the boys were barely tepid on the idea, so we decided to go straight to our next destination…Costco. We wanted to compare prices and purchase some things we needed. We got some good deals on items we use a lot (ahem, frozen waffles and chicken nuggets) and a couple of items for Jeff’s classroom.

Costco is almost directly next to Target, and Target is our FAVORITE store in the whole wide world (Costco is a close second). So we headed over there because Jeff had promised the boys each a present for Joey’s good behavior at Will’s sick visit yesterday and Will’s bravery over letting Mommy put those drops in his eyes. Joey is attempting to collect all of the World Grand Prix race cars from the movie Cars 2, so we were looking for the last two he needed, Lewis Hamilton and Rip Clutchgoneski (sp?). First I found a combo set with Lewis that was $30 which was a bit more than we were looking to spend. Luckily, Jeff went through the extensive collection of Finn McMissile’s and Maters and found one lone Lewis Hamilton car. Thrilled barely describes how excited we were. Will got a Percy “ghost train” from Thomas. Will really loves Thomas. We also were hoping to find a copy of the movie Surf’s Up and not only did we find one, it was marked down special to $4.75! Jeff wanted to peruse the kitchen gadget section and found a mandolin there for his classroom as well as a dough cutter. The price on the dough cutter was so good that he got one for home too. He also got us a home scale for baking.

The only bummer of our shopping trip was that neither Target or Costco had any kale. We have been dying to try and make kale chips, oh well, maybe our local grocer will.

After Target, we decided to go to Chick-fil-A. If we had a Chick-fil-A closer to our home, we would be there minimum once a week. So we take every chance we get to go. The food is wonderful and the service is excellent. And, of course, it’s a very Christian run company. Most people recognize that by the fact that they are not open on Sundays. However, it is so much more than that. Today we went in and I found seats while Jeff ordered. The kids love the cow pictures. The owner of this franchise was in plain view and socializing with all the guests making sure they were taken care of. He was even one of the employees going around offering fresh pepper to anyone with a salad (Jeff got one). No one treated our kids like they were an annoyance (this happens even at McDonald’s sometimes). The staff was very good with them and complimented their behavior numerous times. And the best part, my kids actually ate all their food. We let the kids play about 10 minutes on the play equipment before we had to hit the road and go home. It’s close to 2:30 now. Joey had a dentist appointment at 1:40 and Jeff isn’t back yet with the boys (Will went along too, he will have his first appointment in May after he turns 3, and Jeff wanted him to see what the experience was like). I am curious as to whether they made another stop!

At 3:15 we have OT for Shelby then tonight I am riding with a neighbor to listen to a talk being given by an expert in autism. Can I say again how happy I am Jeff is home helping out today? I even graded tests for him…


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  1. You’re the third person I’ve heard such rave reviews from re: Chik-fil-a. I’ve really gotta check that place out more often! I love the idea that a restaurant actually treats children and families with dignity!

    • Ha – that little monster icon-thingie is hilarious. I guess they show up randomly for “guest” commentors? Either way, they’re adorable. 🙂

      • if you don’t have a gravatar set up, it defaults to those little monsters. I set up my gravatar so long ago I have no idea how I did it. I’m sure if you google it, it will walk you through it.

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