Seven Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. But it is what it is. I am in the best place in the world for this to happen.

— 2 —

Valentines Day. Well, it happened. As a friend of mine said, he dislikes the commercialistic aspects of it and seeing how friends of his who are married or have romantic attachments complain if they didn’t get “the” gift du jour . Using Jen’s Saint Name Generator my patron of 2012 is St Valentine of Rome. I know that for the last two years, as we endured a health crisis with our youngest, unemployment, Shelby starting school, etc, our marriage seems to have been on the back burner. This is NEVER a good thing for anyone. So, St Valentine of Rome was a very appropriate choice. No, we didn’t do roses, chocolates, jewelry or anything like that. I got Jeff a card and I cleaned the house and he got me a sub from Subway. Really, really. We both worked on something that would be appreciated by the other. That’s what the day is about. Not out-doing yourself from previous years but making a small gesture of thanks toward that person in your life.

— 3 —

My husband is a man of many talents and little patience. No doubt being married to me and having three kids (mostly being married to me) have forced him to learn a lot more patience than he would have otherwise, but still, it can be in short supply. So, the school system he worked in last year allowed him to shop for supplies at whatever grocery store was close, convenient, cheap or whatever other criteria he needed to meet. This year, he is finding out just how different things can be system to system. He finds out that discipline can be radically different school to school and that some systems just block youtube others block everything but their own website. And he learned the system that he is in will ONLY reimburse him if he shops at Costco or Sams. So we now have memberships to both. (And they did reimburse him as a courtesy for previously bought items at other places.) He has zero patience for the staff and lay out of warehouse stores. Zero. So, let’s just say the last couple of weeks he has been a bit grumpier than usual. All that being said, I’m thrilled with the memberships and  CANNOT wait to go shopping at one, the other or both.

— 4 —

Warning: Profanity ahead, just a little

I have seen these signs both on the internet and in person. Now, seriously, what does this person hope to gain??? Two things they will NOT be getting 1) Improvement in behavior/relations of/with their neighbor and 2) a sold house with this sign.

— 5 —

Back to Valentine’s Day for a wee minute. We live close to the ocean and love it although we do not take advantage of it nearly as much as we should. But, after Shelby’s surfing experience last summer at Surfers Healing, we are more obsessed than ever. So when the Surfrider Foundation posted this on Valentine’s Day, it warmed my heart in many ways.

photo credit to Jesse Cadman

— 6 —

Another idea of lasting love from pop culture:

In the end, Carl and Ellie DID make it to Paradise Falls and left their mark.

— 7 —

Finally. We build A LOT of forts.

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  1. funny … i just wrote about the name Valent (Valentine) for my quick takes. long story short, when my husband’s great grandfather came through Ellis Island from Slovakia they changed his name from Valent (with the perfectly English version of Valentine) to William. true story.

    and that for sale sign … really?

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