Small Successes


1. I have not succumbed to the cold. 🙂

2. I cleaned house on Monday. Again. While sick. WINNING!

3. I threw together a rough meal plan fifteen minutes before Jeff went to the grocery store.

4. I have been faithful to at least either Morning or Evening Prayer in the Divine Office if not both every day. Tuesday night I fell asleep before I even realized I hadn’t done Evening Prayer…oops. But at least one is still showering me daily with blessings.

5. I got Jeff the best ever Valentine’s Day card. 🙂 We do it low-key here. He got a card. I got a $5 footlong sub from Subway!

Join Sherry over at Chocolate for Your Brain for a successful day!

3 thoughts on “Small Successes

  1. Sometimes the best meal plans &/or meals are those thrown together at the last minute. I don’t know how many times the munchkins have gushed over a thrown together meal. Hope you’re all feeling better!

  2. Great job! I got a text message from my husband (who is in VA this week) for V-Day. We’re low-key around here too. I think it’s better to shower your spouse with love everyday instead of splurging on one (overpriced) day!

  3. You’re ahead of me on the Valentine’s card. We’re low key, but this year he surprised me with a card, flowers and candy. So I’m fixing his favorite dinner tonight. Hope you are all better now. and prayer…is always good and it somehow makes the day easier.

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