Small Successes


1) I survived my night on the couch Sunday with sick child #2. Jeff had sick child #1 in the bed with him. My couch is okay for sleeping,  not as great with a two year old sleeping on top of you.

2) I stayed up for the whole Super Bowl. Like staying up to see the ball drop on New Years (which I also did this year), it is a rare occasion. I actually had fun watching it with my sick two-year-old!

3) I washed all the linens in our house on Monday during the plague of 2012. My washer and dryer were literally running from sun-up to sun-down. But it was all for a good cause.

4) I offered up my not-sleeping on the couch for a friend and her daughter. It wouldn’t be a success except I’m sick too and was in extraordinary pain that night. I can’t offer more details now, but for anyone willing to send up a non-specific prayer request…I appreciate it. God will know it is for them.

5) I cleaned my bathrooms. This is usually Jeff’s area, that’s why it’s my success.

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6 thoughts on “Small Successes

  1. What a rough week that was filled with success nonetheless! Keep up the hard work mama – and I hope everyone is feeling better soon. Prayers for you and yours!

  2. Ok. First of all…the next time you enter the “Lovin’ My Husband” meme…that second part of #5 above needs to be mentioned! WOW! Jeff cleans bathrooms????????? ::gives Jeff 2 thumbs up::
    So sorry you are all not feeling well 😦 But, will offer our family rosary for you and for the special intention of your friend this evening.

  3. My!! Not sure if I’d call those “small” successes…more like huge feats! Go you! Praying for you and your special intention.

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