Thankful Woman’s Book of Blessings

1) Thankful for my big boy Joey who has told me every day this week, “Mama, I’m gonna have a great day and you’re gonna have a great day!” Love that positivity.

2) For my mom who traveled her Monday, cleaned my house and supported me and Shelby at Shelby’s IEP  meeting (which went wonderfully!).

3) For our Autism Society of NC parent advocate Teresa who also came to support us at Shelby’s IEP meeting and ensured that Shelby get exactly what she needs.

4) For my Shelby girl who has been having a great week and won three awards at the school’s awards day ceremony yesterday and who I got to see doing a great job on her individual tasks. She also had a great report card!

5) For my neighbor Michelle who got Shelby off the bus Monday and took her and the boys to her house so we could have a distraction free IEP. (Please send prayers today for Michelle and her family, today is a very sad anniversary for them.)

6) For my sons who look out for their big sister. They hold her hand in parking lots and make sure she is not getting into things she shouldn’t be!

7) For my mother-in-law. Today is her birthday! Please offer prayers up for her as well, she is still in a rehabilitation center.

Join Judy and give thanks! 


4 thoughts on “Thankful Woman’s Book of Blessings

  1. WOW! What great things to be thankful for! I love your son’s positive attitude for beginning of the day. Think of how wonderful all our lives would be if we all did that every morning. Congrats to Shelby for her awards! I’m sure they were well deserved.

    BTW – Thought you might want to know that your link from Judy’s post goes straight to her page instead of your blog.

  2. Praying for your neighbor and mother in law. I love your son’s attitude!! I need to adopt it!
    Congrats to Shelby!
    And #6 warms my heart!!

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