Lovin’ My Husband

A day late and a dollar short, but didn’t want to miss out!

1) Lovin’ my husband because when he plans a dinner that I don’t know how to cook and then gets held up at work, he comes home with Chinese food. 🙂

2) Lovin’ my husband because he whole-heartedly supports all the Shelby-endeavors I have been taking on this week. (We are up to four and counting…)

3) Lovin’ my husband because he has been giving up the news so the boys can have fun with their new favorite: Megamind!


Feel the love for our men over a Judy’s!


One thought on “Lovin’ My Husband

  1. We are big Megamind fans over here and your hubby gets two thumbs up for making that sacrifice!
    So glad you and Shelby are having fun outings too!
    Thanks for joining me in “lifting up our men”!

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