To all who have prayed for me in the last 24 hours.

Shelby’s IEP went wonderfully. Please continue to pray regarding the jury duty situation.

Also, a new request, back in October, Shelby was evaluated at East Carolina University for a speech generating device and it was recommended that she receive a Dynavox device that would be covered by Medicaid. After the evaluation, we awaited the report from the therapist at ECU and receipt of a rental device. We did receive both and sent back the device in December and are awaiting our new device. Unfortunately, we found out today that the only thing currently holding up approval is the signature of an MD. The rep from Dynavox informed  ECU that the MD requested more information on the device before signing off on it. I am waiting to hear back if the MD in question is the pediatrician that originally was very enthusiastic to refer us for Shelby’s evaluation or another unnamed doctor. If it is our pediatrician, we may have ways of speeding the process up. If, however, it is a doctor whom we do not know who is approving it solely for Medicaid, we are literally at the mercy of an unknown person as to whether Shelby gets the device she so desperately needs. Please pray that whomever the doctor is making this decision, he or she quickly consents and will sign off so that we can get started using the device ASAP.