Small Successes


1) I got all my kids to go to bed Tuesday night by just telling them to get in bed and go to sleep…that was the first and may be the last time.

2) I made peanut butter Bulls-eyes. It was a mixed success…I learned some good lessons about how to do it better next time!

3) I am being proactive about getting Shelby re-evaluated for a better diagnosis on the autism spectrum. Her current diagnosis (PDD-NOS) is set to be eliminated by the DSM-V in 2013 so we need her re-evaluated so that she continues to receive services. PDD-NOS is the most common diagnosis of young children as it is the most general. We have her IEP meeting next week to request the evaluation for the educational diagnosis and in the process of obtaining a medical diagnosis as well.

4) I made it to a fundraiser for Shelby’s pre-school last night (got sick) AND will make it to an Autism Society chapter meeting tonight! I love having Jeff home, but I love being able to go out and take care of business when I need to! The fundraiser was awesome (so I heard). The McDonald’s by her old pre-school is had a special night when anything bought between the hours of five and eight, a portion of the proceeds are donated. It was would have been a great time to see Shelby’s old teachers and therapists!  The meeting tonight is very promising. I have never been able to go before when Jeff was working as it is a more formal adults only meeting and only in the evenings.

5) When someone out and out attacked me about something completely–I hate this word, but it’s the best one to describe it–stupid, I remained calm. I told them I was sorry they felt that way and went about my life. I think the person was still angry they didn’t change my mind, but were too stunned by my calm (and uncharacteristic) reaction to pursue it further. Eliminating drama, one situation at a time.

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2 thoughts on “Small Successes

  1. Good for you on #5…I’m sure that was tough. I love your last sentence…”Eliminating drama, one situation at a time.” That’s a great motto!

    Peanut Butter Bulls-eyes? Sounds yummy!

  2. Eliminating drama is a huge success! That should have been #1! And #3 is wonderful, proactive is definitely the way to go when it comes to services. We’ve got IEP meeting #4 (since Oct) scheduled for the last week of February. My favorite phrase “I am not deterred. I will not go away quietly. I am part of the IEP team.” Keep chugging along mom! Sounds like you’re rocking and rolling right now!

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