Mothers Do Have Super Human Strength–When We Need To

Since becoming a mom, I’ve found there are tons of things I am capable of doing that I never thought possible. I have been stronger; emotionally, mentally and yes, even physically.

Today, those last two were in play big time.

Will has always given me a run for my money. Chorionic cysts on his brain before he was born, potential heart birth defect, the bump on his head, the obstructed bowel…this kid knows how to get my blood pressure up. I often say being his mother is more challenging than being Shelby’s mom. And I’m serious.

Today is no exception. I had one of those super-human-mom-strength-lifting-a-car-to-save-your-baby-underneath-it moments. Only it was a bed I lifted with one hand. I was outside asking Joey to please get his brother’s scooter out of the street and put it in the garage and put his helmet on. I came back in to hear Will with his “I’m-scared-out-of-my-mind-help-me” scream/cry. I raced back to the bedroom and couldn’t see him. I followed his voice under the bed (which is a full). I heaved the mattress off and lifted the box spring to discover he was stuck inside the box spring. I ripped the fabric more with one hand while balancing the box spring in the other, I untangled his leg, made sure he was clear then stuck my arm in and told him to grab and pulled him out. With the box spring still in my free arm over my head. Then I retrieved the fifty or so cars stuck under the bed he had tried to get.

Really, and now, roughly 30 minutes or so later, my breathing and heart rate are returning to normal. My neck and shoulder are a bit tired, but I can’t believe I had the clarity and presence of mind to do all that. Much less the physical strength. Will hugged me and clung to me crying saying, “I so scared Mama. I so scared.” I told him he was okay. He was out now and please to NEVER crawl under a bed again. Now he is napping…exhausted, I’m sure. Not to mention, I’m sure he will have some claustrophobia from this experience.

Tomorrow I may not have to be this strong. In fact, tomorrow, I hope I don’t have to be. But it’s nice to know that the innate mothering impulses work when I need them to and that when I need that super human strength, thank God it’s there.