Seven Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —

This week has had a Groundhog Day-esque feel. Every morning barely waking up…rushing around tired all day and feeling as though absolutely nothing was accomplished by days end…

— 2 —

So, I guess that means I am glad this is a three day weekend and my parents will be here for one day of it. Not that it will make me any less tired or any more productive…it just makes me feel better.

— 3 —

I am over the multiple personality winter we are having. Either be warm and stay warm or be cold (like you are supposed to be).

— 4 —

Behavior chart update: yesterday Joey asked me for help to find ways he could ensure getting a sticker every day! I like his perseverance after seeing that a day with horrible behavior= no stickers and Mama is NOT joking about it.

— 5 —

We have some new “movies we love” here. The top two of late are Rio and How to Train Your Dragon. Rio is the current favorite of Will (who also shouts when Christ the Redeemer appears, “IT’S JESUS MAMA! ON THE MOUNTAIN!”). He loves all the colors, the variety of birds and the music especially. Joey received How to Train Your Dragon for Christmas. He watches it while acting out all the dragon scenes. I think both movies are cute and have essentially good messages in them.

— 6 —

Shelby, on the other hand, is ALL about dolls. For Christmas she got Tiana, Rapunzel and Strawberry Shortcake. And she sleeps with them and loves on them.

— 7 —

Okay, now for something completely different. Sushi– Iwould LOVE to love sushi but I can’t bring myself to try it. Any suggestions? What are some of the best rolls for newbies (if I ever get up the nerve to try them)?

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4 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Friday

  1. Every day has been feeling the same over here as well – and I actually have been linking it to the non-winter we were having in WI. This week we finally had snow and although I am not a fan of the cold, it was nice for things to be “as they should”

  2. I can’t believe you’re even willing to try sushi enough to ask ppl. šŸ™‚ Good for you! What a good idea.

    How to Train Your Dragon is a terrific movie. Way, way better than the book, which is really saying something considering it’s almost always the other way around.

    Glad the sticker thing is seeing results!

  3. sushi is kind of an acquired taste. the standards are philadelphia roll (cream cheese and salmon with rice wrapped in seaweed) and california roll (crab, avocado, and cucumber) along with kappa maki (cucumber and rice) and tekka maki (tuna and rice). i prefer the rolls made “inside out” with the rice on the outside. every restaurant is different and every restaurant has their own specials. if you do decide to try it, go with a friend and ask the waitress what she recommends to someone new to it.

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