Small Successes


1) I have been keeping up with exercising just about every day. I’ve had a day or two of rest, but I am getting right back up and starting again.

2) We are doing a good job with meal planning and because the meals we chose were designed to give us flexibility…we’ve used leftovers sooner and will have less shopping to do next week!

3) I stuck to my guns and when bad behavior abounded yesterday, no one got stickers on the behavior chart. The bad behavior wasn’t a success, obviously, but the fact that the boys learned I was VERY serious, was important.

4) I remembered to do this list…that’s all I got!

Join Sherry over at Chocolate for Your Brain for more Small Successes.


2 thoughts on “Small Successes

  1. Awesome list! It’s so hard to keep strong to bad behavior. Meal planning is something that ebbs and flows for us too.

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