The great 3d ultrasound debate

Is it just me or are there more pressures now not just for genetic testing but for boutique procedures like 3d ultrasounds for expectant mothers?

Some recent arguments I’ve heard given to moms who are not choosing them are:

– But it will make you so much more connected to your baby.
– I was on the edge too, but it made my baby feel like my son/daughter when he/she was born.
– Well, of course it wasn’t NECESSARY but I wanted to know everything about my baby before he/she was born.
– You wouldn’t buy a new car without researching it and taking it for a test drive, why would you d that for parenting.

Let me be sure to tell you, if you can afford one and want one, I really don’t care what you’re reasons are that’s fine. But there are any number of reasons that a woman or couple might decide
not to undergo this procedure. It could be financial or a belief that ultrasound is harmful or something else altogether and frankly, it’s none of anyone else’s business. Like so many other choices we make as parents these are personal ones that do not need to be under scrutiny. In my lifetime I remember when it was unheard of to ask people these types of things and then judge them to their face or try to persuade them they are wrong.

I guess I just missed the memo that it was suddenly ok to demand that expectant parents all make the same choices or suffer public harassment, ridicule and judgment.