Seven Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —

What happens when you don’t tell your parents anything you might want or need for Christmas? Jeff found out. They buy you clothes. They buy you a sweater vest. You never wear sweater vests. Lesson learned: if there is something you DO NOT WANT for a gift, tell your parents something you DO want (and in the mean time, be grateful they got you anything at all).

— 2 —

Happy New Year! I stayed up and watched the ball drop. That was fun. It was much too short. Seriously, I’m still exhausted from it.

— 3 —

Today is the feast of the Three Kings or the Epiphany. We celebrate the arrival of three kings or “wise men”‘s arrival at the manger to pay homage to Jesus. Jeff asked me an interesting question about the “kings.” Why are they depicted largely as being African, Eastern Asian and Arabic? The truth is, I have no idea, but every Nativity scene  I have ever known depicts them that way. So, any resources and/or information is appreciated.

— 4 —

Over the holidays, we found that money is a huge motivator for Joey. He is enjoying helping and chores because it earns him money. He is the most helpful child I’ve ever met and my house is cleaner for it. But there are definite moments of humor. The other night I asked him to clean up his toys in the living room which he complied with. I went into his bedroom to clean up his toy cars in there. After he finished up in the living room,  he came into the bed room and when he saw what I was doing yelled, “No!” I immediately thought he meant don’t put his toys up, I explained I was just collecting them and he grabbed the bin out of my hands and dumped it on the floor yelling, “I clean up! I get the money!” Shrewd boy he is.

— 5 —

I have a friend who lost a ton of weight by eating sensibly and exercising. She almost never, if ever, indulges in desserts, sugary snacks or fried foods anymore. So, her facebook page is COVERED in recipes for these things. While I would consider that torture, she considers it her way of enjoying those foods. Hey, whatever works.

— 6 —

January and November are two school months I hate because there are so many days off. In November Shelby had off the 8th and the  11th which were a Tuesday and Friday in the same week for election day and for Veterans Day and then a three day week the week of Thanksgiving. This month she was off on Monday so a four day week this week, next week is a full week followed by another four day week for Martin Luther King’s birthday and the following week is a THREE day week because of teacher workdays for semester’s end. I mean, for normally developing kids that’s a lot of chaos, add autism into the mix. I am very blessed my daughter is pretty okay with these kinds of breaks.

— 7 —

Um, winter finally arrived this week. We had temps in the teens. But tomorrow it will be in the 70’s. I think the weather is schizophrenic much.

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  1. we’re facing a possible autism diagnosis for my son daniel so i’d be interested in hearing your story and how you do things.

    • Jen,
      Thank you for your comment. I actually have a blog dedicated to our autism journey at If you have more questions please feel free to email me at crazytowntimespublisher (at) gmail (dot) com. Best wishes for you as you embark on the journey. You can also like the other blog on facebook (there is a link on the page to do that) or send me a message/friend request via facebook from the widget on this page. ~Kristen

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