Small Successes


1. I got my whole family up to my parents’ home for New Years. This is the kind of event someone usually tries to get sick just in time for. I managed to prevent that this year.

2. In addition to having a patron saint for 2012 (St Valentine of Rome) and a word (joy), I have adopted a motto as well. Thanks to The Biggest Loser, it’s “No excuses.” Which means no excuses about living a healthier lifestyle for me and my family. It’s not a resolution, it’s a way of life.

3. I figured out the iPad I got for Christmas. Very excited about that. Now if only it would work with our WiFi here, hi-ho, hi-ho it’s off to the Verizon Wireless store I go with their device and my iPad this weekend hopefully for a positive resolution.

4. I am starting new systems for snacks for the boys and behavior incentives/chores. The fact that I’m willing to try this is a huge success for me.

5. I have worked out two days in a row. And I will today too.

Check out Sherry over at Chocolate for Your Brain for Small Successes.

3 thoughts on “Small Successes

  1. Love your list! You’ll be addicted to your iPad soon enough…I can’t live without mine. (except for when my children are fighting over it!) And I love, love, love #2 – what a great way to approach resolutions! Keep up the great work and make sure to find the “joy” in today…

  2. Hubby’s iPad has been a blessing for us! During car trips when we don’t want The Saint to fall asleep (lest he not go to bed that night), he’ll start playing some of the fun games we’ve downloaded.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Oooh, I like “no excuses.” Like, being up three times at night does not equal a reason not to get up and walk…the fact that the food is there does not equal an “I can’t drop the baby weight in a healthy manner, I just have to sit on the last ten pounds…”

    That’s good AND hard.

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