Tuesday’s Ten

Ten Things I am Going to Try this Year

(not resolutions…the “going to try” part disqualifies that)

1. Eating less processed food. It will happen occasionally, but we are focusing on a diet very heavy in fruits and vegetables which means…

2. Eating less meat. Meat used to be something we (as a society) used for special occasions. Our family is trying to go back to that idea.  Getting most of our proteins more economically from beans.

3. Walking daily. Obviously rain will cramp our style a bit or other bad weather (I live in a part of the country plagued by hurricanes too remember) but it’s a goal.

4. Daily Morning Offering and Angelus.

5. Blogging more

6. Starting the Divine Office (maybe, maybe it’ll stick this year!)

7. Listening to music daily. I am blessed our local NPR station plays classical but we also have a brand new classical station that is relatively commercial free. In addition, I’ll enjoy my jazz, rock, r &b, punk and anything else I feel like!

8. Smiling more often and ignoring people who do their darndest to upset me

9. Read more

10. Go the beach more. It’s so close, it’s a waste not to.