Ten on Tuesday

Questions this week provided by our hostess Chelsea

1. What did you get for Christmas?
Jeff gave me a Snuggie with the logo from his school on it. It also came with a reading light. He also got me a copy of Yes, Virginia. My in-laws gave us (but really me) an iPad, a $50 Amazon gift card (most of which was spent on Red Hot Chili Pepper cds I didn’t already have), a $25 pre-paid debit card, a scarf that matches a jacket I have and an artist made book mark. My parents gave me pajamas, a pair of  Toms, and a calendar. My grandparents got us some fluffy new bath towels!

2. Have you taken down your Christmas decorations?
Nope…nothing comes down until the feast of the Epiphany which is this Friday!

3. What did you do for New Years Eve?
I was at my parents with the boys this year. We stayed up to watch the ball drop after visiting and eating all night.

4. Do you like accents?
Love them. Seriously. All of them. And I love trying to figure out where someone is from based on their accent.

5. What kind of television do you have?
It’s huge, I can’t remember how many inches. It’s an LCD flat screen Samsung. And we love it. It was our present to ourselves after our  refinance in August. We hadn’t bought a new big tv in 10 years. Our previous big one wasn’t digital and the little one you couldn’t hear across the living room!

6. Did you make any changes at the beginning of 2012?
I was supposed to start back on the 5k plan today but cut my foot open yesterday on an errant cow from the Nativity scene. So might be one more week (boo). Doing better eating more veggies and fruits.

7. What’s the last book you read and do you recommend it?
I re-read The Shipping News last. And yes, I do recommend it.

8. Do you stay current on celebrity gossip?
Sometimes…it all depends on the “celebrity” involved.

9. Do you know the words to Bohemian Rhapsody? Gangstas Paradise? Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?
Every word.
Only the chorus.
Every word.

10. What is your favorite educational television show?
Sesame Street, Electric Company, Rick Steve’s Europe, Nova

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