My Biggest Holiday Pet Peeves

1) Tags on gift bags. As you can read in the super long paragraph here, they can cause massive confusion if you can recycle your gift bags.  I personally thing they shouldn’t come with gift tags on them. If you are going to a birthday party or baby shower etc there is no confusion as to who the gift should go to (I realize twin birthdays are different, but twins are the exception) so they are superfluous, especially since most people put a card in with their gift (because we all want everyone to know what we got the person and get a thank you). But what is wrong with the self-adhesive gift-stickers? You can just cover an old one with a new one. Which is what I do. It avoids having to involve scissors in your re-use of a gift bag and if a tag gets left on, avoids confusion like we had Christmas day when a child opened a gift that wasn’t his and almost got told to do it a second time. My in-laws INSIST on writing on all the tags. On both sides, so I deal with this pet peeve on a regular basis.

2) Tinsel. We don’t do it. I think it serves  no purpose but to clog vacuum cleaners (ditto Easter grass). Sure it makes the tree look pretty for the two seconds it’s on there, but for all the effort, it’s totally not worth the time, cost or aggravation.

3) Radio stations that start playing Christmas music at Halloween and then stop on December 26. Pardon the expression, but Thanksgiving must really feel like the bastard holiday.

4) Politicians using their church attendance at Christmas to draw in voters. Seriously, is NOTHING sacred anymore?

5) People who discuss politics at holidays. Can’t we just enjoy each other? No, it appears we cannot.