Ten on Tuesday

Once again, these questions were provided by Chelsea. 

1. What is your favorite online-only store?
Amazon, zappos.com, and overstock.com…oh and etsy

2. Do you enjoy wrapping gifts?
If it includes adult beverages I do!

3. What is the temperature in your city today?
It’s cold right now but temps will be in the 70s

4. What time do you eat dinner?
By five or I have three little people telling me about it

5. Will you be making New Years Resolutions?
Eh, no

6. How old is your oldest pair of shoes that you still wear?
A year old…and they were bought after five years with a previous pair that I wore a hole in the sole of, so I have no regrets!

7. Do you have any restaurant phone numbers saved in your phone?
Subway, seriously and I don’t know why

8. What is your favorite and least favorite letter to write in cursive?
I dislike G’s, I like K’s

9. Do you know any good riddles?
No, I am riddle deficient

10. How do you feel about snow?


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