Small Successes


1) I remembered to pack Shelby’s pajama’s in her back pack for school this morning. Her class is going to watch The Polar Express (they have been “studying” the book all week) and are going to watch with refreshments and in their pjs.

2) I have kept up with both Advent calendars for another week! It helps that the boys are excited to do them each day and that they keep track of whose turn it is to put an ornament on the “tree” and whose turn it is to cut one of the links.

3) I stood up for myself when the “Mom bullies” attacked. And not only did most back down, I got support from a fellow mom who “refuses to get sucked in” (her words not mine) which made the remaining stalwarts go back to their holes. I’m sorry, but being a parent is hard enough and I deal with enough drama with my kids. I don’t need supposedly grown adults who are determined there is only one way to parent. (steps off her soap-box)

4) I reached out to a friend in need who desperately needs some support. I tend to hang back a bit typically because most people I know have an over-abundance of  “support” and I find that a lot of times people only want it if it’s asked for, but I took a leap of faith and reached out and I’m glad I did. Not only had no one offered her help but she really wasn’t sure how to ask for it! I have decided to prayerfully discern involvement in the future.

5) I have done some holiday baking…I will have to do more because everything I’m baking now, will be eaten before Christmas I am sure, but I’m glad I at least got something done!

Let’s celebrate over at Sherry’s all our successes!


2 thoughts on “Small Successes

  1. Way to go, standing your ground! I am not a confrontational person by nature, but there are definitely times when my “Mama Bear” personality steps out. The hardest part is saying it tactfully instead of rudely.

    About #5…that is the reason I wait to make the cookies! DH & I have no will power around Christmas cookies!

  2. Wow…super duper week for you!
    Have fun baking/EATING those cookies and treats:)
    Thanks for the reminder to pray/discern when we sense a friend in need. Good advice.

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