Small Successes


1) We made it through Shelby’s second dentist appointment yesterday (me and Shelby did, that is) and she got her teeth brushed with the electric brush and she allowed them to floss her! She did cry and she did resist, but we got it done.

2) I’ve programmed many pages now for our Dynavox that is helping Shelby better communicate with us and others.

3) I have been keeping up with the Advent calendars! So many years we start them with good intentions and those quickly fall by the wayside as other “things” take over. Not this year!

4) I realized Shelby had taken her shoes off  BEFORE we got t the bus stop yesterday (after we were out the door though). It would have been extremely embarrassing for her not to be able to get on the bus because she had no shoes!

5) I got all the Christmas decorations out (aside from stockings which aren’t hung until Christmas Eve, we use our shoes for Saint Nicholas, and the lights and ornaments–we trim the tree Christmas Eve after it’s been the Advent tree for 4 weeks) and put them up. Now, I just need to keep Shelby from stealing the manger and baby Jesus every day :).

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2 thoughts on “Small Successes

  1. Sounds like your Advent has gotten off to a good start. That is too cute about Shelby taking baby Jesus…she must want to be close to Him!

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