A Thankful Woman’s Book of Blessings

1) I am thankful for friends who offer prayers willingly without tons of explanation.

2) For the kindness of a stranger who approached me to ask about my children outside a Mexican restaurant. Her hug and kind words are with me still today.

3) For hot chocolate on cold mornings

4) For neti-pots

5) For sweet little boys who tell me “Mama, I love you so, so much.”

6) For darling friends who see how much my daughter loves a book and surprise her with it. As my friend said, “Any child who loves a book that much, deserves to have in their personal library.”

Let’s get an attitude of gratitude with Judy!

4 thoughts on “A Thankful Woman’s Book of Blessings

  1. Love your list! From my experience, the kindness of strangers can do wonders for the soul, esp. when I’ve had a rough day. Have a wonderful Advent w/ your dear family!

  2. So good to hear your daughter loves books. People learn so much from reading. What a thoughtful friend to think of your daughter by giving her a book. Little boys are awesome! I have three (but two are big boys now).

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