Advent is TOMORROW????

Or tonight if you are attending the vigil…and it didn’t creep up on me this year…I just know a lot of people that is did creep up on.

And don’t forget it marks the changes in the mass if your diocese didn’t adopt them back in September.

And St Nicholas Day is December 6th…please sign up to follow Mary’s blog by email or google reader to make sure you are getting 25 days of Christmas cookies! And if you haven’t been following her blog previously, please read the chapters of her amazing story of her life with her beautiful sweet daughter Courtney. (Sending love and hugs Courtney!) You will cry, you will feel revitalized in your faith as well.

Have a great Advent!


2 thoughts on “Advent is TOMORROW????

  1. It definitely snuck up on me. I knew it was coming…but November flew away and now we have less than 3 weeks to pack up the house and clean it and put things in storage. It seems so crazy. I am just trying to stay calm and do a little every day.

    • Elisa,
      You have A LOT on your plate this Advent. Your method of staying calm and doing a little every day is a wise one…prayers for a stress-free move!

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