Seven Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —

Wow, so Tuesday morning when I got up it was over 70 degrees outside. Today, 30 degrees…seriously? No wonder Joey’s asthma is acting up and my allergies are so out of control.

— 2 —

Our dinner menus this week have been pathetic. All Stouffers frozen meals. It’s called the week before Thanksgiving. We do very little cooking. I told Jeff I was disappointed I could not make him “real meals” he told me not to sweat it. As a chef and teacher of culinary arts…his favorite meal is still grilled cheese sandwiches. I have a good man here.

— 3 —

So, the last three nights in a row we have had no visitors in bed. The first night we reverted to our old, locking them in method. The last two nights we left the door open and told the boys they did not have to go to sleep, but they had to stay in their room all night long. That it was okay to leave to go to the potty, but they had to immediately return to their bed. We have tried this before to monumental failure. But we are back in business! Joey fell asleep quickly (despite his protests that he does not like his room) and Will stayed up playing for a bit, but never left the room and did actually sleep in his bed.

— 4 —

The baking season is upon us. Jeff is not a fan of pies (boo) and since we are mostly doing Thanksgiving at home alone (our original plan was to host Jeff’s mom and his older brother…unfortunately his mother’s health will prevent this), it’s going to be difficult for me to get away with making pies that only I will eat…because I REALLY don’t need to be eating full pies by myself.

— 5 —

I am, however, excited to do some new baking this holiday season. Things we’ve never baked before but we want to. I say with Jeff helping me, nothing is impossible!

— 6 —

I opened the refrigerator late the other night to get a drink because my throat was dry. I was shocked to see FIVE DOZEN eggs in there…what were we going to do with that many eggs before they started to turn? An unexpected side effect of Jeff being at home at night…somethings make a one night appearance in our refrigerator and go to school the next day. These eggs were being used to make macaroni and cheese.

— 7 —

Oh, and I’m still blogging every day for NaBloPoMo, but I’m not going to use the prompts. Unfortunately, I found them to be less than desirable and after two appeared from Ricki Lake (whose acting I abhor, whose talk show I despised and whose agenda I find to be terribly one-sided–having known a mother who almost killed herself in the throes of PPD because she ended up with a c-section after watching Lake’s pro-midwife, pro-homebirth film multiple times during pregnancy and swearing she would “never allow them to butcher her to take her baby”), I threw up my hands and said, forget it. I don’t care about winning any of their awards, I’d rather just write my posts and forget the prompts.

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2 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Friday

  1. Eggs actually stay good for quite a while. Now, granted, my perspective comes from a farm girl who pulled the eggs from under the chickens herself, so they couldn’t have been fresher, but…we had TONS of eggs at all times b/c Mom sold them to neighbors. Ten, twelve dozen at a time in a refrigerator in the basement. And yes, we used a lot of eggs b/c of Dad’s breakfast habits. But eggs are good for a long time…make some scrambled eggs, some quiche, and don’t worry about it, that’d be my advice! 🙂

    • My only issue is that I don’t eat eggs (although I bake with them) and neither do two of our kids. And Jeff eats them so seldomly they would go bad in our house. 🙂 But they were all used up in school yesterday! And some kids have very full bellies of mac and cheese.

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