NaBloPoMo # 12, November 12, 2011

So all morning I have been cleaning out my closet. I got rid of stuff. A lot of stuff. Some of it I’ve had the majority of my life, or at least, over twenty years. It was interesting.  Some stuff I laughed at briefly then tossed. A lot, I questioned why I even had in the first place.

My kids have only managed to re-awaken my inner pack-rat. You must understand I am the child of two pack-rats who raised four pack-rats. I married someone who typically throws things away without looking at them. Which explains why we often are going through our trash looking for directions because we can’t figure out a crucial part of assembling something. My kids, I hope are somewhat in between. I hope they discard the truly meaningless and learn that not everything is worth holding onto.  I also hope they reflect on what they are throwing away before they do it. I think Jeff and I are a good match that way. I’ve gotten to the point of inspecting things before he goes out to the dumpster. Otherwise, I’ve learned the hard way, we might live to regret it.