NaBloPoMo #11 “Beyond the Prompt” November 11, 2011

Today is my parents 33rd wedding anniversary. So wishing them a very happy anniversary (sorry I don’t have any wedding pics to upload!)

Today is also veterans day. My brother is a veteran of the current combat mission in Afghanistan. He will most likely re-deploy soon. Keeping him and all those serving close in prayer today.

Today we will lay to rest the father of my husband’s best friend who passed away Tuesday. Jerry Dan Parks was a twenty-four year veteran of the USAF. He served missions tours of Vietnam, Thailand and the UK. I met “Mr Dan” for the first time at the home he shared with his British bride Dorothy in Goldsboro, NC in the year 2000. Their love for each other, their children and grandchildren was evident. I remember telling Jeff I hoped we would have a marriage that long lasting and still be in love. The next time I saw him was at my wedding in 2003. He and Dot were so happy to see Jeff finally married. The last time I saw him was last October at the Eastern Wayne High School homecoming. Dan was, at that time, in the full grip of Alzheimers and he and Dot’s daughter Debbie had come to the game to help with him. He didn’t remember me, had no idea who my children were, but it was an important visit anyway. Dot was thrilled to see us and our growing family. It was a little break for all of us. His being laid to rest on Veterans Day is only fitting. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Alan, Debbie and her husband Mike and their kids, Neil and Teresa and their boys, and Derek and Linda and their children and most especially Dot who showed me what true devotion to one’s spouse means. She is such a strong and wonderful example of what it means to live the vocation of marriage and live out one’s vows. My heart broke for her when I read Pat Robertson’s proclamation that it was okay to divorce one’s spouse suffering from Alzheimers. She should never have had to have her true devotion questioned. Thank you Dot and Dan for being examples Jeff and I can look to our entire lives. RIP Dan.