NaBloPoMo #10…November 10, 2011

What is your secret (or not-so-secret) passion? 

First of all, I have passions, plural. But my most vocal, of late, is, not surprisingly, autism awareness. If I can help one person understand that people with autism are not broken or diseased, then I have done my job. If I can help one person accept that their family member or loved one is okay and it’s alright to worry and be mad but there is much joy in this journey as well, I have paid it forward.

How do I express this passion, I blog it over at Blessed by Autism (which I have some new posts percolating for).

I encourage people to support non-profits that help families dealing with a member with autism. My most recent campaign is for Surfers Healing to get a Pepsi Refresh grant. Surfers Healing already makes their camps free, but many people cannot afford to travel to the beach to give their child this amazing opportunity. With a $50,000 grant from Pepsi, many children will have that chance now. They are in # 15 but need to be in the top 10 to get a grant! Click here to see how you can vote. We need votes every day!

I bring my daughter out in public. Would you believe more people tell me what a beautiful child she is than ask what is “wrong” with her? (And shamefully, typically she is the best behaved child I have!)

I start stuff. No, seriously, I do. I started a local playgroup that welcomes children of varying abilities. We have normally developing kids and low functioning autistic ones. Education comes from experience, so let’s let our kids learn from each other!

And there’s probably more that I do, but my head is slowly inflating and we need to keep that from happening :). Have a great day today and if you see a US Marine, please thank them for their service. Today is the 236th birthday of the USMC.