NaBloPoMo #9 November 9, 2011

When was the first time that you realized that your home was not like other people’s homes?

I guess when I was growing up the first time I realized that was when I realized that we had more kids (four, most people had 3 or 2) and most of my friends, unless they were church friends, didn’t have Crucifixes on their walls.

I saw lots of Crosses, but a Crucifix was extremely rare. I didn’t completely understand or comprehend what that mean or the theologies behind it, but it stood out.

Having four kids was a badge of honor in my book. I loved that I had more brothers than just about anyone I knew (again, outside of church, there were families with 10 and 7 kids there!). People thought that was silly because I had to share so much, but I loved it. Maybe that’s why I like sharing that with my children so much now.