An AWARD! I won AN AWARD!!!!

For the few I won, my reaction is always the same as Patrick Star’s when he accidentally gets awarded one of Spongebob Squarepants’ awards….Munchesmom over at Four Blessings Academy gave me this today:


The criteria for the award is:

 Strive for a stronger Faith and closer relationship with Jesus;

* Aspire to grow spiritually through a vocation as a “King’s Kid”… a daughter of God, and a Catholic wife and mom; and

* Seek to encourage others in their own spiritual journeys and Faith formation in their families through the Catholic training tools and gifts that they create and yes…through their blog.

I am pleased and humbled to receive this award and pass it onto another mom who totally embodies those three qualities: Katherine at Having Left The Altar. She is a busy mom to four sweet little girls who homeschools, is taking classes for the  Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, managed to take all four of her kids to pray in front of an abortion clinic in the rain and did I mention her house is undergoing renovations right now??? Thank you Katherine, for being totally inspiring to me and empowering all us moms out there by showing us, it can be done!