NaBloPoMo #5 11/5/11: Have you heard? McRib is back…

McDonald’s happens to be our fast food of choice with the kids. They are the only nuggets and fries they will eat. And they have a dollar menu. And they are close to our house. It would be Chick-Fil-A if one was on our side of the bridge and I prefer a Subway sub to a burger, but it is what it is for now. Hopefully my kids’ palates will expand in the coming years, but until then…well, we’re stuck.

So,  back to McRib. Until today, I had never had one. Neither had Jeff. You see there are three camps you fall into when it comes to McRib: 1) you love it; 2) you hate it; 3) you’ve never tried it so you think you hate it. We were both in #3. We were sure we hated it despite never trying it. And having read the lovely ingredients…it sounds pretty disgusting. But Jeff insisted we try. So he got two. And we are now in camp #1. I can’t believe I am saying it but we are McRib lovers. With extra pickles. No onions for Jeff.

The secret to the McRib greatness though, is its rareness. After two years on the menu in the 80s McDonald’s pulled it to great outcry from its devoted followers. McDonald’s then realized that the cash cow exists by randomly putting McRib on its menu for a limited time. And for us, McRib is something we can live without. It’s a nice once a year treat like fair food (which I got none of this year, not one single funnel cake, thank you very much).

So I am sated for now…until the next time McRib comes back…


One thought on “NaBloPoMo #5 11/5/11: Have you heard? McRib is back…

  1. I am of the camp that cringes whenever McDonald’s brings the McRib back! (I guess that would be camp #2.) I tried it a couple of times when they 1st brought it out in the 80s & didn’t like it at all. To me, they were just slabs of gristle covered in BBQ sauce, topped w/ some dill pickles, & thrown on a bun. I don’t know if they’ve changed since then, but I just haven’t had the courage to give it another try.

    BTW – I’ve left a well-deserved blog award for you on my blog! (

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