Seven Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —

Well, we survived. We made it to Friday. Rotovirus did not take us down. Yes, we were out of commission for 3 days, but we came out stronger. And I found out, I am very appreciated:

— 2 —

But enough about that…do you know what came out on Tuesday, All Saints Day? If you have some crazy little boys in your house like I do, yes you do…

Daddy is bringing it home tonight!!!

— 3 —

Much to our surprise, we are becoming real DIYers when it comes to cleaning products and shampoo. After my husband read a report about Johnson’s Baby Shampoo possibly containing harmful substances, we checked our bottle and one of the mentioned products was in it. I did some research and found that the product in our shampoo did cause some reactions in some individuals, but we had never witnessed these in our kids (they were skin reactions). But Jeff still thought we should try making our own. I was in shock, he never goes in for stuff like this…it’s about doing things quickly, but after he said okay to trying out homemade dishwasher detergent…I guess anything is possible.

— 4 —

So, I’m liking the NaBloPoMo prompts. They get me thinking, even if I don’t post a whole lot on them… And keep me writing on a variety of topics which is good. Two college friends, who took me out to lunch on my birthday, and I have decided to have a once a month mini-writing workshop to force ourselves to write. We all have writing degrees and two out of the three of us (I am one of the two) need deadlines and accountability…so excited for this!

— 5 —

And it’s hearty food and baking season…again! I love meal planning this time of year because I can bake so many things and have so many savory meals. Meatloaf and lasagna and soups and stews…YUMMM!

— 6 —

How excited am I that DST ends on Saturday night/Sunday morning….doing my Snoopy happy dance as we speak!!!!

— 7 —

I wish Thanksgiving had some fun decorations like Christmas and Halloween. We are still going to use our bale of hay and some Indian corn and pumpkins but…it could just use more… (sigh)

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  1. If you have, or find, a dishwashing detergent recipe that you really like & works well, please pass it along. I tried one once & it was horrible…the dishes with a rough, film on them.

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