Small Successes

Joining Sherry from Chocolate for Your Brain for Small Successes. Because we all deserve to celebrate.

1) Well, today is day 3 1/2 of rotovirus in our home and I haven’t died and my house is pretty clean under the circumstances.

2) I managed to be sick while my two-year-old was sick. By the grace of God alone, I was able to take care of both of us. My prayer was constant, “Please God, give me the strength to care for my child.” And He delivered, big time.

3) I realized my limitations on day 2 1/2 and knew I needed sleep (as did poor Will) to combat the nausea and I dragged every single toy Joey owned (he’s the only unaffected family member) into our living room, gave him every single kids DVD and Blu-Ray that we own and the remote and told him to go to town. I was rewarded with four hours of sleep. Yes, my house looked like a tornado hit it, but I simply could not get up to take out toys individually or change all the movies and in the end, it is cleaned up now, and we all got what we wanted. (And he knows this was an extreme situation and not to expect it all the time!)

4) I baked honey wheat bread for the first time in my bread machine! I was so excited it turned out at all.

5) I am going to be a chaperone for Shelby’s class for the Special Olympics youth games. They are playing bocce! They are doing it over four Mondays and I will get to chaperone for two of them :). I know that doesn’t really sound like a success, but I had a goal to help out with her class as much as possible and I’m getting to put that into action.

So come on over and share your successes :).


3 thoughts on “Small Successes

  1. I think #2 is your biggest success this week! It’s hard enough when a child so young is sick, but when mama is sick too, it’s just so much tougher.

    I love bocce! Being Italian, it was a game we frequently played when relatives visited. My parents invested in a nice set years ago to replace the cheapy one we had when I was a child. I remember my dad had to cover the little ball in foil because we couldn’t see its wood in the grass.

  2. Boo on being sick, but yay for getting some rest and some of God’s grace. Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon. We’ll offer up a prayer for you and yours today.

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