NaBloPoMo Prompt Day 3, November 3, 2011

Can you listen to music and write? What song did you hear today?

Well, it all depends. It depends on my mood, the music and well, what I’m trying to write. The music I tend to write best to is classical or instrumental jazz. Although I’ve done well with vocal jazz as well. I’ve noticed, since Shelby was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, that I can get auditory overload very quickly so sometimes, I can’t write with music. I just cannot.

Now for what song I heard today…it’s 6:22 AM EST as I type this and the only song I have heard is the theme song to Zaboomafoo. Because my four-year-old asked to watch it during breakfast. But that’s okay…

Some of my favorite writing music:

Any Billie Holliday or Ella Fitzgerald

Louis Armstrong’s La Vie EnRose or his greatest hits album

John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

Orff’s Carmina Burana

Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro (okay that’s opera, but if the words are in other languages I do concentrate more effectively)



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